Second section of status bar missing in Calc

Sorry I am asking again but someone closed my previous question regarding the same topic without giving any suggestion or remark

Hello. Randomly, in one of my spreadsheets the second section or field of the status bar is missing sometimes. What I see when that happens on status bar of that document is:

First field: Position in document

Second field: Current Page style, etc.

What I expect to see:

First field: Position in document

Second field: A field that displays how many rows and columns i have selected.

field: Current Page style, and so on, as ussual

Every other document, as well as new ones I create, show that “selection count” second field in the status bar. I don’t know if I did something to remove it. How can I restore it?

Should I upgrade or something?

Thanks. LO

When you reduce the width of the window, there comes a size when it disappears.

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Thank you, LeroyG.
It is true what you say.
But the issue appeared when the window was maximized. I wil try to resize next time it happens, anyway.

In all versions I’ve tested (6.4.5, 6.3.6 and 6.2.8) the info only appears, if you have selected more (!!) than one cell - otherwise it is invisible.

@anon73440385, I undestand that OP is about a field that is missing, not empty.

@LeroyG, yes it is missing, if less than 2 cells are selected. I did not state that it is empty but invisible, which is another word for “missing”.

@anon73440385, at LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1 I get the same field, but empty.

Yes, i meant the field is sometimes missing (which is not the same as empty)
By the way, how would you name this field?
In the Help page it is disregarded: the list has “Position in document” and then “Current page syle”, “zoom” and so on. Can’t relate any of this names with our “second field” link text

I find no name nor tip for this field.

In Writer, the equivalent field tip is “Word and character count. Click to open Word Count dialog”. So I suppose that could be something like Row and column count.