second section of status bar missing in one document (calc)

In one of my spreadsheets the second section or field of the status bar is missing.
What I see now on status bar of that document is:

First field: Position in document

Second field: Current Page style, etc.

What I miss between them:
A field that displays how many rows and columns i have selected.

Every other document, as well as new ones I create, show that “selection count” second field in the status bar.
I don’t know if I did something to remove it. How can I restore it?


hello ebot. why did you close it? have any suggestion about the subject?

Somehow it is solved by now.
Nothing that i have done.
Just restarted LO because there was a crash.
It is fine now.

Well, it happened again.
I don’t know the reason. But the workaround is to restart LO.