"section continued" note when section is broken across a page break


I’m writing a recipe book in LibreOffice Writer. I begin each recipe with a Heading 2. Sometimes, the recipe will take up more than one page. I want to put a note at the top of the next page when this happens, eg, “Apple Pie–cont’d”, so the reader doesn’t get confused. Is there a way to do this automatically, using text flow settings or something?

Thanks for your help. What a great product!

From your description, I imagine your recipe starts on a new page (through the page break option of Heading 2 style).

In this case, you could have an automatic title in the header area. For that, you need to enabled numbering on your Heading 2 in Tools>Chapter Numbering.

Next, you configure the page style you’re using. I suggest not to use Default so that you can keep it for cover, introduction or any other non-recipe page.

Modify the page style in the Header tab: enable header and uncheck Same content on first page.

When this is done, put your cursor in the header area of a recipe first page. Insert>Fields>Other. In Tab Document, select type Headings, format Chapter Name (or Heading Name, depends on locale) and leave level at 1.

Do the same for a second page of a recipe, adding “(continued)” or any other text to your liking. Eventually, force a second page by typing empty paragraphs. Once the second heading is recorded, you can erase the extra paragraphs.

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Thanks very much. I’m a newbie so I’ll hit the books and try to implement your suggestion. I’ll let you know if it works!