Section protect in Writer

When i use section protect in Writer - as described on page 129 of the LibreOffice Writer Guide - it doesn’t do anything.

I can still modify sections at will. This is the case whether i use password protection or not.

I’m using the mac version of Libre.

Am i missing something?

Please, describe what you do. Works for me.

On LO the section is protected (Win, Linux). If you want to edit some text it is useful to insert form text fields, they can be edited and the content can be saved without breaking any protection.

Ok, i realise what the problem is now.

Having never used protected sections before, i didn’t realise that you actually have to insert your material into the sections boxes that appear in the document.

I had an existing document, and thought all i had to do was create a new section before each part of my existing text and protect would kick in once i added protection to each section. Not so.

The manual didn’t make this clear to me, and the online help certainly didn’t.

This is exactly what I did. So, there is some tweak elsewhere.

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Deleted comment.

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