Secure connection (TLS?) between mariadb and LO Base

Can anyone explain or point to an existing guide on how to establish a secure connection between LO Base and mariadb.

I would like to run mariadb on a virtual server and have a secure connection between my laptop running Ubuntu and LO Base connecting to the server.

I have found this information on maradb and TLS:

I am currently using “org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver” to connect LO Base version on Ubuntu 21.04 to a mariadb on an ubuntu server 21.04 on my lan.

I have the mariadb-java-client.jar installed.

To create a new database connection I have gone: File → New → Database → Connect to an existing database → Mysql → Next → ‘Connect using JDBC’. Then I filled in the database name, the server, and the port number and used the org.mariadb.jdbc.driver.

The current configuration is great except I am pretty sure communication between LO Base and the mariadb server is clear text including my password.

I am guessing the next step would be to follow the above mariadb link instruction and create a user with the “REQUIRE SSL” enabled in the mariadb configuration.

It starts to get a bit complex so I was wondering if there is some already created step by step instruction that works with LO Base and mariadb.

At least let me know if I am barking up the wrong tree. Many thanks!


This may be of some help although it is for SSL on MySQL.

LibreOffice 6.x Base MySql connection using JDBC and SSL

It is a Wizard extension to create a new Mariadb database from the Base frontend

Thanks for the comments so far. The wizard looks very useful and something that would ideally be rolled into Libreoffice in the future but doesn’t address setting up a TLS connection.

The 6.x SSL connection or MySQL looks potentially helpful. When I get a chance and have a few hours to spare and report back.