Security Problem After Updating To and

Just updated LibreOffice Still to and when I tried to use it, Comodo Internet Security quarantined CloudScanner.Trojan.Gen@2@1 and I am now unable to use LibreOffice. Uninstalled and installed but the problem remains. The only way I can get LibreOffice to work is to open Comodo and mark file: soffice.bin as “Ignored”

I downloaded and from website as usual and have never had a problem with previous updates.

My Operating Sysytem is Win 8.1
The file is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\LibreOffice 5\Program\soffice.bin

Have I downloaded a Trojan contained in LibreOffice or is this a False/Positive that Comodo is highlighting as Malicious?

You are addressing this question to the wrong company. Contact Comodo.

(check the number of Windows’ downloads if you are in any doubt)