See what cells are protected and not?

Is there an easy way to create an overview of which cells in a sheet are protected and which are not (after having (un)protected some cells by having protected the sheet)?

I’m asking for something in contrast to having to select each cell(region) and checking [Format_cells…].

Instead I’m searching for something similar as deployed in proprietary Google Docs for instance: the protected cells being marked with a diagonal strike-through pattern or something along those lines.


Obviously too late for the OP but for the record , with ViewValue Highlighting protected cells are shown with light grey background when the sheet is protected

See help.


Thank you! This answered my question and helped me!!!

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I think not, but when protecting the sheet there is an option to make selectable ‘protected’ and/or ‘unprotected’ cells.
So making selectable only unprotected cells you can move only through those cells, with tab key or with the mouse, and with arrow keys between adjacent cells.

Instead using a direct format to unprotected cells, creating a style with the ‘protect’ option disable and a different background color.

With CELL(“protect”) function can be created a conditional formatting.

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