Seeking to put a vertical form field in writer for PDF

Good afternoon,
I have checked the questions and the only question that seems to ask the same thing does not provide a form field but a text frame. I have not managed to create the entity I wish to create.

I have created some reference cards for my job in Libreoffice Writer that others are finding useful. I have them output as a PDF with 4 pages per sheet, double sided, so that they can be cut out and placed on a ring for reference. I would like the PDF to have a single element that can be filled out that will place the owner’s name as a vertical piece of text on the bottom right-hand corner of the first page. I can create the proper text in Writer, and I can create a form field that exists in the correct location in the PDF in writer, however, I cannot get the text in the form field to be rotated 90 degrees. The option in the settings for the form field (rotate) does not seem to have any effect and resets to 0 every time.

I this possible in the current version of Libreoffice? (My version running in Linux Mint 20 Mate)




There is no capability to rotate form controls or the text within them. This would need to be submitted as an enhancement request → Bugzilla