Seeking work-around for Image Controller (spaces in file path name)

Hello, all. I am using LibreOffice 7.5 (Firebird) on a Windows 10 desktop.
I have created an Inventory database (Firebird) by importing all the data from Access.
The file locations and layout for this database are:
__The database file is located inside an “InventoryDatabase” folder, which contains:
____ An “Items” subfolder that contains info about all the items, which contains:
______A separate folder for each item, which contains:
________A picture of the item.
In a previous database that I imported, the file and subfolder names contained no spaces, so the image controller automatically displayed the pictures after the import.
But in this Inventory database, the file and folder names DO contain spaces. Therefore, the pictures are NOT displayed UNTIL I click on every controller and manually browse for the picture. Base will then substitute the characters %20 for the spaces, and the picture displays.
There are thousands of records in my database, with several pictures per record, so this will get tedious quickly. Is there any setting or other remedy for this without manual clicking on every controller for every record? :worried:
THANKS for any input!

It is unclear what the problem is.

If it shows images without spaces in names, but fails with images with spaces, then it is important to know what the properties of the image controller look like, how they are populated. It could even be a bug in LibreOffice that needs fixing.

But without a sample database, with sample images with and without a space, to see the difference, it’s nothing to be done, except to fix (possibly workaround) the problem on your side.

Put the database document in the same folder as the pictures and store the file names without path after removing spaces, quotes, braces etc. from the file names.

Alternatively, use a query which concatenates the clean file name with the hard coded path URL.

SELECT *, 'file:///some%20folder/my%20pics/' || "PicName" AS "Pic_URL" FROM "somewhere"

You may change all entries of the filename-column via replace function.
This can be done either in a query without changing the table or you may change the table itself via update.
For my commands i invented a column filename in table inventory - you need to change this…

SELECT REPLACE(filename, ' ', '%20') AS Filename FROM inventory

or via Tools->SQL (think twice and backup first, before playing with this)

UPDATE inventory SET filename = REPLACE(filename, ' ', '%20')

Another option wold be to use a macro, where ConvertToURL() is available, if there are more problems than only spaces.

THANK YOU! Your help is MUCH appreciated!