I have an important encrypted spreadsheet (encryped on 4.4) that, without any other changes to my computer, now will not open. LibreOffice will either crash or give me an error “SEH Exception:ACCESS VIOLATION” after I’ve entered the password. I’ve verified from other files that I’m using the correct password. I removed V4 and downloaded the latest V5, with the same results. Currently LibreOffice, which I’ve been moving to from MSOffice, is unuseable. Does anyone have any clue or fix?

If you have an older backup of your important file you should try to open that version. It’s possible the current version became corrupted for some reason.

Refer the answer here.

I have the been having the same problem with a password protected ODT file. After entering the password, I am able to briefly see my document displayed, followed by a pop-up with the fatal “SEH Exception: ACCESS VIOLATION”. This has been occurring with the past few LibreOffice updates.

My workaround is to use OpenOffice 4.1.1. I have not updated OpenOffice for fear of running into a similar problem.