Select only full cells on a column

I have a difficult question, that i cant see how i may solve it.
In a simple way, imagine that you have a column whit 32 lines, but not every lines on it are full.

The question is, how automaticaly (whit a funcion) i may select and copy only the lines whit data to another sheet?

Many thanks to you all that will try to help me on this.

Automatically? Only through macro.

@Xpider – are you waiting for actual macro code here? Are you still interested in an answer? Let us know…

Use autofilter and filter for Non Empty cells, then you select and copy the “full” cells.

Reading also Help: Only Copy Visible Cells is recommended

Link: Only Copy Visible Cells - LibreOffice Help

Using standard filter (Menu/Data/Filter/Standard), you can select a destination range for the filtered data.