Selecting all images in a pdf document(Libre office Draw)

I have a pdf file of 106 pages. I want to invert the colour of each page. When i opne the file in libre office draw, it shows all pages as images. to invert the colour I have to select the image one by one on each page and thent go to format>Image>filter>invert.
Is there a way to select all pages (Images on each page) and batch edit them all at once.

Some PDFs are just a container for (scanned?) images…
In those cases I’d use use special tools for PDF like PDFsam (for split and merge) to create single images again and then use image-processing software like IrfanView/ Gimp/ ImageMagik to invert the pages.
Imho Draw is not the best tool for image-processing, but maybe I can be proved wrong.