Selecting files in XP's Windows Explorer lags computer

When hovering and selecting LO files in Windows Explorer the computer lags which is very noticeable when listening to music. There’s no lag on the desktop or in LO’s file dialog boxes, there’s also no lag when selecting other files (in Win Explorer). Just 2 or 3 days ago I upgraded to LO 3.6 from 3.5 -where I didn’t notice this lag.

Is anyone else experiencing this or knows what is happening? Thanks. -Josh
(Computer Specs: Win XP SP3 - 1GB Ram - Intel P4 3GHz)

It is the LibreOffice integration with the windows explorer shell that allows file previews to be displayed. I notice lags of up to 20+ seconds at times.

ReInstall LibreOffice as a custom installation and change Windows Explorer integration to “DO NOT INSTALL”. After you are done, there should be no lag at all.

This worked on WinXP SP3 for myself.

Thanks, cheers, -Josh.