Selecting Helvetica type face causes cursor to disappear and typed text does not show on documents including those already archived.

helvetica font causing some odd reactions. This font works in other word processing programs as well as wordpad and notepad. Selecting helvetica font causes the cursor to disappear. Old documents typed in Helvetica show up as blank documents causing me to have to re-type entire multiple-page documents in another typeface.

What happens if you select some text (double- or triple-click, even Ctrl+A) and force another font? Does text reappear?

Answer this question either editing yours or commenting after mine. Don’t use an answer which is reserved for solutions.

And why do you ask you the same thing again, while you did not respond to queries in your original post: Helvetica font doesn't work?

Thanks @anon73440385, I vaguely remembered having commented a similar question but I didn’t checked. I guess if OP’s OS is old enough (likely to be Windows), this Helvetica font is a Type 1 and it is no longer supported in Harfbuzz.