Selecting whole column. But can't change from Currency to Number?

Hi everyone

I was wondering if anyone has this problem in Libre Calc where a whole column is in currency format and when you select the whole column from the top and try to format it to Number, the column refuses to change to Number format?

Yes, if the data is formatted as text. Convert strings to a numbers.

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Remove the currency sign, if any, and convert the string to a number.

If it doesnt change , then its propably Text and not any Number, try to repair with →Data→Text in Columns.

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Your data seems to be text instead of numeric. See this FAQ.

Wrong text import is the most frequent cause of numeric text in cells. Instead of fixing wrongly imported data it is preferable to do the import correctly. In the text import dialog, the import language should be “English (USA)” and one should always check “Detect special numbers”.

Hi there, I’ve been been trying to search up how to do the thing you recommended but I don’t know where to start.

Where’s about do I find the text import dialog?

Sorry if this seems like such a newbie question.

One quick alternative if you aren’t seeing how to re-import the data is to create a column to the right of the bad one with =VALUE(CellToLeft). This column will then be numbers. So, if your bad numbers are in Column C, insert a Column D (as needed) then in D1 (or first row as it may be) enter =VALUE(C1). Now pull that down using the auto-fill handle.