Semicolon replaced by comma in function arg list

I noticed that when entering an AND function in CALC using the syntax shown in the Help
the syntax gets modified by CALC replacing the semicolons with commas.
This is an example and is not limited to AND() but I’m not going to go into an exhaustive list.

This is behavior I’ve not seen in other common spreadsheet apps. The Libre Help matches what I expect (:wink: but the reality does not.


  AND(LogicalValue1; LogicalValue2 ...LogicalValue30)

I fear that spreadsheets that function in other apps once opened and modified in Libre will become syntactically incompatible with the original app. It does not seem reasonable to me that Libre is modifying formulas in this way.

Is there a reason Libre does this? Or BUG?

Function separator depends on the locale you are using. English (USA) uses , while many others (eg. German (Germany) uses a semicolon ; (I never understood the reason for doing so)

It depends on your regional settings, but you can change it choosing menu Tools - Options… - LibreOffice Calc - Formula - Funcions field. The preferred option is ;.

It will not affect if the file is opened in an environment with the other separator. But could affect if you copy a formula from internet and paste it in your spreadsheet.

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