Send by e_mail does not work in LO 6

I have been trying to use the ‘Send by e-mail’ facility in Writer but no matter what I do I cannot get it to work. My e_mail client is Thunderbird. I have checked for answers on here but they are all 3 to 5 years old.

I really want to use the supposed capability to mail merge and send e_mails to multiple addresses but I can’t send even a simple document.


there have been reports that re-installing Thunderbird (if you are on Windows) fixes that problem. Don’t delete the existing version - just use the Thunderbird installation package to install over the existing installation. It seems this fixes some registrations related to required (Simple) MAPI functionality (of course you also need to assure that Thunderbird is your default app for Email: Windows logo key-> Settings -> Apps -> Default Apps - Windows Update tends to define a Windows app here; just found on my system Thunderbird being replaced by Mail)

capability to mail merge

This got nothing to do with your email client. Mail merge mails are sent directly via SMTP and not via your email client (as an attachment).

John Paton,

I just tried menu File - Send - Email document… , and a new message window opened with the document attached and the file name as subject. First time and worked (on LO x86, Windows 7 Professional, Thunderbird 68.8.1).

No attempted to mail merge.

Send by email is supposed to open my default email client

Not (fully) true on Linux - check Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice -> Internet -> Email and add the path to thunderbird, if the field Email program is empty or does not match your real path to the program.

as confirmed by Writer ‘Test Settings’

don’t rely on that test. It doesn’t fully test everything (especially correct port and authentication) and to say more: Some SMTP providers have implemented strict rules to allow or disallow direct SMTP connections esp. in connection with mass mailings - for example my SMTP provider does reject smtp connections (more precise: delivery of emails) without my computer providing it’s full qualified domain name.

Sorry should have said my OS is Linux Mint 19.3

I actually have 2 problems then. Send by email is supposed to open my default email client but it doesn’t and although my smtp server is set up and configured, as confirmed by Writer ‘Test Settings’, that doesn’t work either. It is possible that in the latter case it is mail merge which isn’t working because it is notaactually clear from either the on-line help nor the printed manual exactly how to incorporate the email addresses into the mail merge.

John Paton,

May be you should edit your question, and add this info there.