Send range by gmail

I’d like to send a range of notes by my gmail count to the mailbox at the end of the line. I’ve made several attempts with macros that look like they’re on the Internet, but I can’t get them. My idea is simple: just select the row to the mail cell and run the macro to send the selected range. Can you help me?
image description

I found the answer with the HIPERVINCULO function (because my configuration is in Spanish)

=HIPERVINCULO(“mailto:” & F7 & “?subject=” & $C$2 & “&cc=” &T7 & “&body=”&B7 &$C$1 &C7 &$C$1 &D7 &$C$1 &E7; “Enviar email”)

F7 cell: email address

$C$2 cell: Subject

“&body=”: Cells with info, separates with blank cell $C$1 as spacer.

I’ve configured Calc to send email with one click