Serious issue with filenames on export to pdf?

I have a serious issue with direct export to pdf using Windows 10 Pro with LO (x64): the default filename in the saveas does not persist when saving, unless explicitly selected within the filename field. Clicking the save button either exports to a different filename - the first file in the current directory, no matter how sorted - or that action moves the saveas folder up one branch in the directory tree. This is new behavior since upgrading to this version. In the previous version the direct export could be accomplished as a single seamless mouseclick on “save”, assuming I did not want to change the saveas filename to something other than the default. Anyone else experience this?!

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Absolutely confusing.

What is “the default filename in the saveas”? Which is it in your testing? Screenshots - before and after “clicking the save button”? any warnings when it “exports to a different filename”? what is the name of “up one branch in the directory tree”?

Possibly better describe step by step, like “1. I open document named Foo.ODT; 2. I click Export As PDF toolbar button; 3. I see this dialog (here is a screenshot with visible current directory name, first element already present there, and what is there in the Name box); 4. I press Save; 5. …” - so that no confusion could be about what you do and what you see.

The default filename in the saveas is the .odt filename. I can absolutely post screenshots or a video.

Step 1: Open a document Foo.ODT
Step 2: click Export to PDF
the saveas filename dialog pops up, the filename Foo is in the filename field. This is exactly what I want!
Step 3: click save. The filename dialog box does not save, but rather jumps up to the parent folder in the document tree
Alternate Step 3, if I select an existing file name as though to overwrite the file, the filename - no longer Foo, changes to the selected filename with complete file details in the filename, like “Foo created at 10:27 GMT on 13 Mar 2020.PDF”
Alternate step 3: highlight the default filename Foo as though I am going to change the filename, but do not change it. Click save, the file is saved as desired, with the filename Foo.PDF

Yes, thoroughly confusing to see and to describe using text.

I made a series of screenshots, but I don’t know how to upload them here

To upload them here, edit your question, and use toolbar icons to add images, or add a link to them uploaded somewhere on the cloud.

Done. They should be in the order as I described the issue, in my second post. To be clear, all I am doing in images 2,3 and 4 is clicking the export button. The directory changes. This behavior is wrong.

. TE wrote:

but rather jumps up to the parent folder

I have similar problems on LinuxMint 19.3-64 Mate and LO, too.

My workaround is to copy the path, add a slash and insert the path in front of file name.


. TE wrote:

with complete file details in the filename, like "Foo created at 10:27 GMT on 13 Mar 2020.PDF

Same experience, but: When saved, the additional facts are not part of file name.


Please inform bugzilla.

Any reason why you use LO file dialogs, not native OS dialogs?

Maybe Windows behavior Single-click to open a item (point to select) is active. Verify in the General tab of Folder Options, in the Click items as follow area.

In Window 10: Open a File Explorer instance, select View tab, Options button.

In Window 7: Open a File Explorer instance, go to Tools menu.