Server error message when opening document from teams. [Fedora 37, LibreOffice]

When trying to open a document (unsure which file extension is being used) from an assignment on teams I am given this error:

Error reading data from the Internet.
Server error message:
HTTP/2 403


Edit: I can not share the document due to privacy reasons but yes I can access it from different machines (with MS Word) and on the web.

You cannot just download the document and open the downloaded file?

No because in teams you cannot delete assigned files, so then if I try to reupload it, there will be two files.

Not necessary, as 403 is not related to contents of the document. It just tells you/your request has not the necessary rights to open the existing files.

This message results from a check before downloading the file.
“HEAD” means the client (here LO) queries the server for various information about the file (the response contains among other things the file size). The server reported “403” meaning you have not the rights to access the directory in which the file is stored.

If you succeed with another machine, then this machine probably sends some credentials with the request. As suggested by @Vanadium, try to download it on your computer from a browser. In a browser you can control more easily credentials than in LO. A URL has the general form scheme:// where scheme is http, https, ftp, ftps, … If no user is sent, you can only acces “public” unprotected files. It is not necessary to send your passwd in the URL (it may be unencrypted), it will be sollicited if needed.