Set a character limit for a line

Can a limit be set on the number of characters in a line resulting in a “return” being generated? Example, I want to set a limit of 80 characters per line and have a return generated at the appropriate place in the line if the limit is exceeded. Word processers used to do that.

Use a monospaced font and set margins accordingly.

Word processers used to do that.

Never saw a Word processor to do that (or at least I don’t remember one having such feature). Applications doing such things are text editors (like notepad++, UltraEdit, kate, gnome-edit, Visual Code, to name a few), which is a completely different class of applications.

Edit your question to tell why you request such a limit. There may be other solutions than setting a limit. Describe your use case.

The Writer is not a pure text editor, and the most of fonts have not monospace characters.

The “limit” for a line are the margins in the Writer, but not some numeric value of the characters.

If you want character number limits, the you must use a pure text editor software.