Set Base table souce to text, SQL command

I have a txt file like this.

“Data de emissão”;“Descrição”
“14/10/2022”;“Mascara Tripla Descartavel 3 camadas TNT”
“14/10/2022”;“Assento Almofada Para Bagageiro De Bicicleta Universal Bike”
“14/10/2022”;“Pincel Duplo Para Aplicação De Sombra E Esfumar”

I try to linkup in SQL panel in libreoffice using HSQLDB with this command, but each line is 1 field. What am I doing wrong.

SET TABLE “dataxl” SOURCE “Sales.txt;ignore_first=true;fs=\semi;vs=\n;all_quoted=true”;

I stored your data with straight qotes as test.csv, created a database document with embedded HSQL in the same directory and the following statements create a table with 3 records:

create text table tbl(d varchar(10),descr varchar(100));
SET TABLE tbl SOURCE "test.csv;ignore_first=true;fs=\semi;all_quoted=true";
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