Set conditional formatting to ignore case type in referenced cells?

Imagine a table with two columns- let’s say they are columns A and B.
In the first column is Conditional Formatting to change the cells’ colour in this column when “Yes” is present in any adjacent cell in the right hand column. However, this will only work if the “Yes” is presented in exactly the same way defined in the Conditional Format formula- with a capital “Y”; is there any way to get Libreoffice to ignore the case of the phrase used in the formula, so that any case variation e.g. YES, yes, Yes or even yEs or yeS also trigger the conditional formatting?

Is the only way to define each way the “yes” can be typed in the formula specifically? If so, how does one add extra phrases to the formula e.g. if the Conditional Formatting formula is $B=“Yes” , what symbol is needed to add “YES”, “yes” etc. to that formula? How would the formula look once modified as described?


just off the top of my head I offer the following solution: Use a selection list. This will limit the values entered to those which you have defined. I have used this myself and it works. I am not saying that what you are trying to do does not work, I just think it might be the wrong to try solve the problem using complex conditions in a formula.

Use this formula for a range starting from B1: