Set custom values?

New to LibreOffice and I don’t know the correct terminology for this but I want to set “values” for certain words, for example the word “light” in any given cell to be counted as “1” in any calculations and so on. Is this possible?

Maybe some more context could be helpful… i.e. is the word “light” the only word in a cell or can it be part of a sentence, is it to be the word light or can it be a sub-string as well as in lightweight?

It doesn’t have to be part of a sentence, that could be an afterthought. For starters can that single word alone represent a number for calculations? There should be a list where you can assign numerical values to different keywords or something like that.

It’s not much fun to try helping with something being likely to be omitted soon again - because too unhandy, e…g.
Therefore the questioner should give a plausible use case for what’s wanted.

Okay its hard to explain what’s wanted but made the question as straight forward as can be. Watched some tutorials and now reading the manual so I may get back to you once I get a better grasp of it all. Thanks for the answer.

May it be that you actually need a lookup table?

No but its an interesting function and worth looking into, thank you.

There should be a list where you can assign numerical values to different keywords

That exactly is a lookup table.

Yes it confused me a little but it turns out it might work. I’ll do a panel with the values and go on to make calculations on a separate one using vlookup and hlookup, just need to think it through on how to set up optimally. Thanks to both of you.

Generally you can do such things using the “tool” >Sheet>Named Ranges and Expressions.
I would doubt the efficiency.
Experienced users can, however, automate the creation of lots of respective definitions by user code.