Set default behavior to automatically set Row/Cell Height 'to fit'

I’m working on a project using Google Sheets to store some text with new lines in it. Of course, this means that every cell has a different height necessary to actually see the text, and this is OK on Google Sheets because it ‘saves’ the state of the row height.

However, when pulling this down locally to work with for various reasons (i.e. quickly iterating with scripts to process the data), I can’t seem to find an option in LibreOffice to ‘Automatically adjust the row height’ on a new file load.

I know I can right-click the top corner and use Optimal Height per-sheet, but is there a way to do this as an automatic behavior when opening a new file?

See the answer at /question/282179/.

/question/282179/ has no real answer, but it’s better to discuss the issue there. Has a bug report been filed?