Set default border width in Calc

LibreOffice Mac V. (and previous).
I cannot permanently set a new default border width in Calc. I’ll go to Styles and Formatting…Modify, go to Border, change the width from 0,75 pt to 1 pt and click Save. But when I click the Borders button on the toolbar, it gives me a border of 0,05 pt! If I access Format Cells, it gives me a default of 0,75 pt.

NOTE: When I set the Page Style’s Border settings, I do not click a Line Arrangement because I don’t want my default spreadsheet cells with borders. But when I would like to put a border around a selection of cells, I’d like to click the Border toolbar button and have my default width set in Page Styles (in my case, 1pt).

Solutions? Workarounds? Thanks for reading.

I am interested in this as well. Should we file a bug report?

I too am interested in this - now June 2020!