Set document as read-only but editable for other users

I know there are a few option how to switch document (calc in my case) to read-only mode.

First is to enable “Open file read-only” check in File->Properties->Security(tab).
Then always when anybody open the document it is opened in a read-olny mode.

Second option is that you can switch between Edit mode and read-only mode by Edit->Edit mode.

My goal is to have the document set to read-only mode (after startup) for many users. The document is located on local server and every user can see it and open it via ethernet.
Many users want to have this document opened just in read-only mode because they need not edit anything. But I need to have an option to open this document and switch to the edit mode.

Unfortunately first option not allow this to me. When other user open the document earlier than me. He is in the read-only mode but the document is also locked and I am not able switch to edit mode. Only when I ask him to switch to edit mode and then back to read-only mode. Then is document unblocked and I can switch to edit mode.
It is very strange behaviour.

Second option is set the document as standard (edit mode). Then every user would have to switch to read-only mode by Edit->Edit mode after every documenrt opening. Then if every user is in the read-only mode one of them can switch to edit mode. But this is a rule that no one will follow.

Is there a way how to set the document read-only by default for many users but always one user can switch to the edit mode for a while?


In my view this should work “out of the box” so I guess it is a bug. Wrong lockfile generated when opened in readonly mode.

A workaround if you are the only one who needs to edit: grant readonly access (revoke write rights) for other users on file system level. You may need to do adjust rights to the folder to prevent lockfile creation.

Unfortunately I am not only one who needs to edit it. Everyone needs sometimes switch to edit mode for short editing. Is there any option how to switch to read-only mode after open file? I mean something like macro but not macro. Because macros are disabled by default.

Is there any chance that this bug will be fixed in near time?
I read here that several users would like this too.