Set Field Type of Alias in Query


I have a query that calculates a monetary value. All fields in the below query are defined in the source table as decimal with the “format example” set to currency except Payout Pct, which is set to a “format example” of percentile.

Here is the relevent portion of the query:

( “Face Value” * “Payout Pct” ) - (
“Charge” - ( IFNULL( “Extra GC”, 0 ) +
IFNULL( “CB Earned”, 0 ) + IFNULL(
“Offer Earned”, 0 ) ) ) AS "Financial
Profit or Loss

The data displays as decimal without the $ symbol. How do I get the output to display in dollars?

Thanks in advance!


The display formats are just that - for display when viewing. You “format example” is set in the table design and can be seen with table view but not in query or form controls. Same is true in a Query. Once you run a query you can right click a column header & set the format:

Unfortunately, this setting is not saved. Believe this, or similar, has been brought up in Bugzilla in past but not for certain.

Thanks for the response. You are correct that it doesn’t save formatting. In fact, it doesn’t even give me an option to click ‘save’ anywhere. I’m sometimes amazed that a spreadsheet does certain things effortlessly, and struggles with others, and vice versa for a database.

Hopefully they’ll fix this for Base in one way or another. Thanks again!