Set font size and color permanent, diferent than in document

I edit document (is black) i need show mistake ( in BIG red for example). But if i change color and size for fonts is writing ok as long i not go for new place of editing. Is change to black again. I CANT USE TRACK CHANGES. Because someone do it earlier in blue, and now when i change to red, old blue (who someone use) go red;( . I would like to set my writing to permanent red. I not like to charge color and size every time i go to new place of edit. Or please someone help to ask right question.

Please upload your ODF type sample file here.

The Track Changes is a feature of the LibreOffice. It will show the changes and the previous state together. Switch off it if you not need it.

Have you entered a name in Tools > Options > LibreOffice > User Data? If you haven’t then LibreOffice has no way of differentiating between you and anyone else in Track Changes.

but, as I read your question, you wish to do the same (signal who edited by colour) without using the feature. I’m afraid your idea violates the basic concept, where formatting or style is a property of the paragraph or character at the place where you edit and this includes the colour of the text (my first hitchhikers guide was set in blue).
IMHO what you attempt can’t be done, without changes in the software…

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Thank You. You explained everything to me :slight_smile: Here also thank you very much to everyone for the answers and those who understood my question, and those who did not. I would like to add that it is very unfortunate that there is no function “LOCK” when selecting font, color, size. (This is not PAINT and has a different concept). I do not write so much to know the whole program and all the functions. Doing this TRACK CHANGES and saving in a strange file and opening. And changing the setting for TRACK CHANGES. do it again… Have a nice day everyone. :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley:

When you open your doc, click on tools, options, then Libre Office, User Data - Do you see your First/Last name/Initials in the fields to the right? If not, enter them. Is the small box underneath checked for “use data for document properties”? Check that small box, apply, then go to tools, options, Libre Office Writer, Basic Fonts. You can change the font and the size to make it bigger, but not the color. Under the changes category you can choose color for Insertions, Deletions, Change Attributes, and Line Changed. I hope this helps. Good luck.