Set Forced Style

Wanted Effect: Ignore the format you copy from, force all into a style you specified.

Hi @jiero,

Could you provide a little background on what you’ve tried so far/what hasn’t worked for you?

  • Basic copy-paste will bring in style information from the source doc.
  • What about Paste-special?

Yes, you got me. Shall I then submit a bug / enhancement about Paste-special? I want the paste-special to become paste-option, which means default paste becomes interchangeable


  1. Please see manj_k’s link “Paste unformatted text default option” above
  2. If you still think there’s something that could be improved, please file that enhancement bug. If you do file a bug, please make a note of it on this question. Thanks!

Usually, that should work as follows:

Select the specified style (F11 - double click).

Paste unformatted (Ctrl+Shift+V → U).

Please specify: What are you missing with this option?

Correct answer, but not easy to use.

For an easy handling → Paste unformatted text default option