Set label margins to three decimal points?

I’m trying to create labels in Writer, and all the labels I’ve purchased (two different sets/brands) need to have some margins to the third decimal place, but Writer only allows two, which screws up the alignment. Is there a way to force Writer to go to three decimal places? I am using the label-making function of Writer.

Are you using inches as your measurement units?
You can change to using points and that will be equivalent to 3 decimal places in inches.
For example 9 points = 0.125 inches (1/8 in).
It is my understanding that LO uses twips internally (20 twips = 1 point) so I am hoping there will not be any additional rounding errors applied.
Obviously you will need to test, but it may work.
If you are using millimeters I think there is no hope. :wink:

Thank you for that. I just figured out how to change measurement to points, so I’ll try the labels again hopefully tomorrow. And yes, inches are the correct unit of measure.