Set LO to notify when same characters/words already exist elsewhere in list?

Libreoffice, OSX Mojave

Hi all, I have been using Calc to create lists of items, including various details such as where to get them, how much they cost etc, with one item per cell, and I was wondering: is there any way to set LO to notify me if the same characters/words already exist elsewhere in the list?
I ask as I have accidentally added multiple iterations of the same item to the lists by mistake on multiple occasions and was hoping to safeguard against this.

I could use a Find & Replace search to work it out, however I’d rather not have to do this each and every time an item is added- it’d be far more convenient if LO notified me on a case-by-case basis.

As items are added in chronological order from top to bottom, I could also set Conditional Formatting for all cells below the item that states that if they contain a key phrase regarding the item, to highlight them by applying a coloured cell style/other indicator. However, again this is inconvenient and laborious as I don’t want to have to add conditional formatting for every item added to the list.

Any ideas? Cheers.

You can recognize when entering whether this entry already exists. It is called “word suggestions”.

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This is true, however this only works when the item is entered in exactly the same way both times. Sometimes the wording may be slightly different when an item is recorded multiple times, for example one might record the item “clear ruler” first time, then “ruler” second time- in this case, typing “ruler” wouldn’t produce a word suggestion, leading one to erroneously believe that the item wasn’t previously recorded when in reality it was.