Set Send Document to Open Webmail URL

Is there a way to send a document from Writer to a webmail URL? The clients we use LibreOffice on are not equipped with a mail client, hence the need to open a webmail (n our case an OWA) link in the default web browser.

??? Webmail or email client doesn’t matter - they have an email address, thus send to the email address.

I think the question it’s about to send an email from LibreOffice using a webmail account. In Menu/Tools/Options/LIbreOffice Writer/Mailmerge an account can be configured, but it’s for mail merge, not for send documents, for this writer uses on default system email program.

OMG - now I got it. Own habits influence thinking (I’ve never ever felt the need to send an email from an application, even when I had only a webmailer at hand)