Set up low inventory settings in Base

I’m building a database for my company’s inventory and am wanting to see about making a notification for certain objects so Base will notify me (if possible) when a certain item gets low.

Is there a way to do that? I’ve tried several content management products and none seem to do quite what we need or want, so I’m making said database for us.

It’s hard to give a concise answer not knowing exactly what “notify me” actually means. For example, are you looking for a constant monitoring of these items and when one gets low something pops up to notify? Or do you want a screen to look at whenever you want which shows you any of the items with a low inventory? Or maybe something else.

I can easily see a screen (Form) to call up when wanted. In creating the DB let’s say you have an inventory record which has a current inventory field and a low indicator field. Using a query, the screen (Form) would display all items where the current is less (or equal if wanted) than the indicator field.

For the constant monitoring it could be much more difficult. You don’t want the Base file using up all resources so a triggering event needs to be established. This certainly will require coding at a minimum.

Edit - added sample:

A screen to look at whenever I want which shows any items with a low inventory (which would be a specified amount that is different for each object).

The screen (Form) could definitely be the way to go. I’m new to LibreOffice so configuring it is a learning curve as I go.

Added basic sample in answer which includes an Entry form and a Display form. The Display form has two data grids - One for all items and a second which qualify for LOW inventory.

I was able to get the query working, but I just set up the Display form (edited in SQL view) to the parameters in my table and when I tried to update the LowInventory and CurrentInventory fields in my table I got this;

Value too long in statement [UPDATE “____ IT Inventory Tracking” SET “CurrentInventory”=?, “LowInventory”=? WHERE “ID”=?

I updated the query to include the “ID” field, though I could delete it from both the inventory table and query if that’s what’s causing the problem

I’m sorry but your comment makes no sense to me. I’m sure it’s just terminology but there is no such thing as “…set up Display form (edited in SQL view)…” since you cannot edit a form in SQL View. The rest of your statement looks like SQL (actually an UPDATE statement) which isn’t allowed in a Query (only SELECT). Have you downloaded the sample and examined that?

It also occurs to me of your need for some basic help. Please refer to this link (click here) for available documentation for Base and other LO products.

I apologize…I was working on a couple other things at the same time and had my wires crossed. But I got it working! Thank you VERY much for your help Ratslinger. It was and is much appreciated and this would’ve taken a lot longer without your help.