Setting Default Font/Formatting of Spreadsheet

Basic Task: Move (cut/paste) the contents from cell A to cell B while maintaining some sort sort of default formatting in cell A. This is typically just a font-face/size combination; nothing more. Let’s assume I’m using Noto Sans 12.

What happens: The formatting in cell A resets to Liberation Sans 10. Presumably this would affect other “default” formatting traits I’d like to keep.

The workarounds: I can copy the contents from cell A to cell B, then go back and press the delete key on cell A. That does not reset the font formatting. I can also just perform a series of moves, and then re-format the entire document to Noto Sans 12. Neither of these is ideal.

What I’d like to be able to do: Change the default (fallback?) font of Calc either system-wide, or at least on a per-document level so that cut/paste is not such a chore. For the record, I’ve already tried using a template with the desired formatting on the entire sheet, but ran into the same issue.

It seems like this should be possible, but I’m hoping this community can help me out.

Open a new Calc spreadsheet, click in cell A1.

Open the Sidebar, View > Sidebar (Ctrl+F5). Select Styles ( an icon with a large A).

Right-click on Default and select Modify. In the dialog that opens select Font tab, make your changes to Noto Sans 12, click OK.

Click File > Templates > Save as Template. In the dialog that opens, give the template a name, choose the category, and finally tick the box Set as default template, click Save.

If you subsequently find you don’t want it as the default template, just click File > Templates > Manage templates, navigate to your template, right-click it and select Reset Default. Cheers, Al

Thanks Al, that did the trick! I lack the necessary Karma to upvote your solution, so if someone else wouldn’t mind doing so, I’d appreciate it.

My template had the formatting change in the Properties tab of the sidebar (which seems to be the same as the the toolbar above). But the “Styles and Formatting” tab is where it’s at. Thanks again!

I’m pleased it helped. Ticking the answer is all that’s required; you get karma for accepting answer too. Cheers, Al