Setting font for page numbers

Thanks to everyone who helped on my query with how to set up consecutive page numbers. Another problem now. I want the page numbers to be in Times New Roman font 12 but they keep defaulting to Arial. I change them each time to TNR and save the document but every time I reopen the document the page numbers have reverted to Arial. Anyone know how to fix this? Many thanks.

It shouldn’t change back like you say. If you set it to a font, then it should stay after save/reopen.

But you didn’t provide details about what did you do to change font (I doubt but couldn’t there be some strange processing?), and which format do you use for the document (maybe there’s some problem with foreign format round-trip)? Also what is your program’s version (could that be a version bug)?

Also, you may try to change the font in Header/Footer paragraph style, not in specific text.