Setting page orientation in LibreOffice Impress

Hi, I’m using LibreOffice Impress Version:
There are many changes from version 4.x and one of those eliminated “Page” from the Format menu.
I now have no idea how to set page orientation in Impress. Could someone kindly guide me as to how?
Googleing for a hour did not yield the answer and all answers I got referred to a different menu structure.
Is it even possible to change orientation anymore in Impress?
Thanks so much,

Hello Phil, to change the orientation of a Slide in LibreOffice Impress version 5,

1) select the main menu "Slide:Page/Slide Properties..."
2) in the Dialog that pops up, select the tab "Page"
3) there you can choose Orientation to either "Landscape" or "Portrait"

Hi All,
I think I found the solution to this question namely:
from the top main menu:
Format->Styles->Styles and Formatting-
This will open up a menu bar labelled “Styles and Formatting” on the right side of the LibreOffice Impress window.
Click on the gear icon to the far right and near the top of the right “Styles and Formatting” menu.
Then select “Orientation:”