Setting up server-Questions

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I’m migrating a few databases from FileMaker to something open source. I’ve managed to largely recreate the relational structure of my FileMaker databases in Base (thanks to TheFugralComputerGuy tutorials). However, those videos don’t discuss Firebird and I’m not clear how significant the differences are. I’m looking for references/tutorials that I can refer to as I try to build my database server.

I’m running MacOS, client machines are also MacOS. I do have a Linux machine that I’d like to use as the final host.

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It appears you may not understand LO Base. LO Base is simply a front end processor to a database. This database can be one of many such as HSQLDB v1.8 embedded (default in Base), Firebird 3.0 embedded (default experimental in Base), PostgreSQL, MySQL, Firebird server, HSQLDB server, etc.

This forum is not really about helping you to set up a server but can help in connecting Base to a particular server.

Since you mention Firebird server, here is a link to the Firebird documentation, manuals and downloads → Firebird.

Cannot give any differences since you have not specified which database you have converted to using the tutorials.

If you are looking to use a database server, it is probable you will need to move your data to that server from where it is currently (whichever database you converted FileMaker to).

Thanks for the info. I’m beginning to realize how much Filemaker actually does. So if I’m understanding you correctly, LO Base will help create a database and can also connect to that database. However to share the database, I need to put it on a server that is running that the database. This database could then be accessed by LO Base or any number of other front ends? What happens with the forms that are generated in LO Base, are they stored with the database on the server? or does this need to be coded separately on the server?

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Please be clear. Sharing a database & “…building a database server.” are two entirely different things. Simultaneous user access requires a database server. Sharing a database can be done with Base & and an embedded DB. Forms are stored in Base. They are not part of the database.

Thanks for your help.