Setting up the original template document

Why can’t one set up a document with ones letterhead and all other details complete with all the text manipulations and set that as your document with the click of one button? It is, at present, a lengthy process, and still doesn’t work satisfactorily?

[Having said all that - I really love Libra Office]

I’m tempted to just close this one as it is not a question at all.

Explain what is wrong with the Letter Wizard/Assistant, then people can give suggestions, or provide a solution for yourself and propose it on the mailinglist. What exactly is not satisfactory?

Do you want Writer to open each new document with your letterhead and styles etc. pre filled?

  1. Use Writer to create your template
  2. File > Template > Save: Give it a name, for example “Humble Beginnings Ltd. Business letter A4”. Click OK.
  3. File > Templates > Organize. Select “Templates” in the two bottom drop down fields.
  4. Double click on “My templates” in the mid panel. Find your business letter template created at step 2.
  5. Right click on it and select “Set as default template”.