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How do I get rid of the annoying shading for hyperlinks?

By default Writer applies the character style “Internet Link”. You just need to edit that style in order to change the appearance of any internet link on the document.


To modify the character style open the style editor with F11, click the second icon on top of it (Character styles) and scroll the list of styles until you find “Internet Link”. Right click on the style → Modify. Look on the “Font Effects” tab. By default this style is set with a blue colour and underlined.

right. But i couldn’t find a way to do it.

I edited my answer to indicate how to edit the style.

Could you tell me where to find “character style”? I can’t find it anywhere under “Options”

I can follow your instruction to the point I find “Excel Built-in Hyperlink”. None of what you indicate is available after that (Right click on the style → Modify. Look on the “Font Effects” tab). Right clicking on the style does not produce the choices you mention. Stuck again!

Hello @EduardoJuan,

If your shading is a “Field Shading”, you could:

1. select the menu “Tools  :  Options...  :  LibreOffice  :  Application Colors”,
2. in the listbox “Custom Colors”, uncheck the checkbox called “Field shadings”.
( NB. This removes the shading for all automated Textfields ).

Or if your shading is really a “normal” background color, then you could:

1. Right-click on your Hyperlink and select the option “Edit Style...”,
2. in the dialog that pops up, select the tab called “Area”,
3. in the dropdown listbox called “Fill”, select the item “None”.

EDIT 2017-07-15

Took me a while to realise that your Hyperlinks are from Calc instead of Writer.
In that case you could use the following macro to get rid of the background color:
( Just specify the same background color as the cell’s background color, e.g. White ):

Calc_Format_HyperLinks( "A30", "Ubuntu", 12, 150, RGB(0,0,255), RGB(255,255,255), 1, 0, 0 )

Sub Calc_Format_HyperLinks( strCellAddress$, strFontName$, dFontSize#, dFontWeight#, lTextColor&, lBackgroundColor&, iUnderline%, iOverline%, iContour% )
REM Changes the text style of all Hyperlinks inside the specified cell.
REM <strCellAddress>	: Must be the address of a single cell, e.g. "A1".
REM <strFontName>	: Name of the Font for the Hyperlink, e.g. "Ubuntu".
REM <dFontSize>		: Height of the Font in points, e.g. 12.0.
REM <dFontWeight>	: Weight of the Font, e.g. 100=Normal; 150=Bold.
REM <lTextColor>		: Color for the Hyperlink Text, e.g. RGB( 0, 0, 255 ).
REM <lBackgroundColor>	: Color for the Hyperlink Background, e.g. RGB( 255, 255, 255 ).
REM <iUnderline>		: 0=No Underline; 1=Underline.
REM <iOverline>		: 0=No Overline; 1=Overline.
REM <iContour>		: 0=No Contour; 1=Contour.
	Dim i As Integer
	Dim oSheet As Object, oCell As Object
	Dim oTextFields as Object, oTextCursor As Object
	oSheet = ThisComponent.CurrentController.ActiveSheet
	oCell = oSheet.getCellRangeByName( strCellAddress )
	oTextFields = oCell.getTextFields()
	For i = 0 To oTextFields.getCount() - 1
		oTextCursor = oTextFields.getByIndex( i ).getAnchor().createTextCursor()
		oTextCursor.CharFontName = strFontName
		oTextCursor.CharHeight = dFontSize
		oTextCursor.CharWeight = dFontWeight
		oTextCursor.CharColor = lTextColor
		oTextCursor.CharBackColor = lBackgroundColor
		oTextCursor.CharUnderline = iUnderline
		oTextCursor.CharOverline = iOverline
		oTextCursor.CharContoured = iContour
End Sub

Thanks for the reply. However, your instructions do not match the choices offered me. In following the first set of instructions, I did uncheck “field shadings” but the choice under appears available for TEXT DOCUMENTS, & not for SPREADSHEETS.

Trying the second set of instructions, right-clicking on one of the hyperlinks does not offer the choice of “Edit Style”. Besides, I want to set up the default for all spreadsheets and not modify each cell one by one. Any other suggestions?

Updated my earlier answer based on your new information, but no default :frowning:

Librebel: Thanks for the macro. But I can’t believe that there’s no other mechanism to set up “no shading for hyperlinks” as a choice for all of my spreadsheets. If so, this is a major weakness of the Libre software.