Shapes Move on PDF Export

I am new at using LibreOffice. I’m using LibreOffice Draw to create a new PDF from a combination of exported Excel PDFs and exported CAD drawings. I am simply adding some rectangles with text inside them on top of the inserted PDFs (inserted as images). So after completing my work, the shapes, of course, look fine. But when I export as PDF, the shapes are offset horizontally to the right. This happens on the PDFs that I imported as images, but not on the first PDF that I imported by doing a File> Open.

All the PDF images are centered, so I’m not sure what could be wrong. I’ve tried different settings in File > Export as > Export as PDF… such as changing magnification, and checking and unchecking “Resize window to initial page” and “Center window on screen”.

Any help is appreciated.

Version: (x64)

Edit: changing left and right margins in page properties doesn’t seem to change anything.
Edit 2: I ended up going through dozens of iterations moving these shapes in each sheet then re-exporting and checking until I got them approximately where I wanted them. If anyone knows the solution to this problem, I would still be interested to find out what it is for future reference and for anyone else reading this in the future.

  • Which operating system do you use?
  • In which file format do you save in Draw?
  • Your captions are inserted externally in Draw or created in Draw?
  • Your captions are anchored and with what circulation?
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  • Do not answer if it is not a solution to your question.
  • You should also look at the documentation for LibreOffice.
  • If you anonymize your draw file, you can also upload it here so that someone can look at it.
    Also edit your initial question.