Shapes work in Calc but not Writer

Ver I can add shapes to Writer page but I can’t select it to resize or move. I can add the same shapes and Fontworks in Calc with no problems. An earlier version on my laptop works fine.

what OS do you use and from where your LibreOffice? ( or another?)

Thanks for helping kompilainenn but my problem wasn’t my OS (a new Windows 10) but the format that I was useing. I spent the whole frigging day pecking around Libre… even unistalled it once and re-installed. The fix was a simple one but my brain just didn’t go in the right direction.

Just started using LibreOffice so my question was probably answered many versions ago. Turns out that shapes/objects and Fontworks do not work in any xml docs (docx etc). I changed my default ‘save’ to .doc instead of docx and I was golden. LOVE the LibreOffice writer now. If you want xml docs you can still use ‘insert images’ … just not Libre’s drawings or Fontworks.

The whole shapes/Fontworks is still working kinda weird. The objects still can’t be selected when the .doc is first created. It works like it is supposed to only when a previously saved .doc is opened and shapes or Fontworks is added. Not a big deal. I kinda like Fontworks…reminds me of the old Wallwords in early MS Word. If I want it in a newly opened .doc, it is easy enough to create it in ‘Draw’ and snip it from a screen shot. It can be selected and sized then. Pretty sure it is a minor bug/compatability issue and not a problem on my end. My hardware is brand new and Windows 10 is fresh as a daisy.