Share a calc file with macro and dialog boxes

I’m looking to export a calc file that includes macro and dialog boxes. For the moment I have to export the file and export separately the macros and the dialog boxes.
Would you know how to do it?

What do you mean when you write “export”? Of course you can share a Calc file with embedded macros.

Simply send it by email.
Can you tell me how to proceed?

Attach the spreadsheet document (.ods file) to an email just like any other file.

By doing this I have no macro or dialog box in the received file

Then your macro is stored under “My Macros”.
Open your file
menu:Tools>Macros>Organize>Basic … button [Organizer…]
Drag your module from “My Macros” to the document.
Save the document.
Redirect your buttons or whatever calls the macro from the global macro to the embedded one.

So that was the problem! Thank you very much.
With LibreOffice having some problems, I couldn’t move the scritps, but exporting and importing to the right place, I was able to fix the concern.
Thanks, this will make my life easier