Shared calc file is opening in design mode on other computer

I have a calc sheet that has an embedded image at the end of each row. When I share that calc sheet, the recipient opens it but, can’t click on the button to open the image. It seems it is opening in design mode in that secondary location. If design mode is turned off, the file can be opened. If I protect the sheet, the recipient can’t do either. When the button is clicked on, it is just static. Any help would be most appreciated.


It would be great if you could upload a fragment of the problematic file (one row is enough).

Thank you for the quick response. After the -11 cell, there is another cell with a button that links to an embedded pdf image. The issue I am having that I described is happening whether the
recipient is accessing the file via email or through my shared network. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

When it comes to being emailed, I understand that unless the recipient is accessing through a server or FTp that they wouldn’t be able to open the image file.

Maybe because it is not possible with share files. Please see the note on Share Document option.

I figured it out. You have to turn off the “open in design mode” button and save it. Than protect the sheet before sending. If you use the “share this spreadsheet with other users” option, it causes issues.

Maybe you would have an answer to this question. With the same file, when someone goes to click the image file, it shows the path of where that image is on the computer. Is there anyway that you know of to not have that happen?


Shared spreadsheets it’s to allow several persons editing the file at the same time.

Help Share spreadsheet

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