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How can I pull through my spreadsheets from my old PC, to be able to update them on the new one

Depends on the conectivity of your two computers.
One of the easiest ways is the use of a portable usb-connected harddisk. It serves also as backup of your data.
Modern computers connected to the same network can also access each others files, if you allow this. But usually I don’t recommend this, if you have to ask how to do. Then prefer the usb-drive.
In older times I also used a physical transfer, where I removed the harddisk from the older computer and connected it to the new one. Quickest access, but you should check on your backup, before attempting this. (And your new pc has to provide the necessary plugs/interfaces.)
PS: base is not the right keyword, as it refers to the database-component of LibreOffice, named “Base”.

Please retag your question as calc. base is reserved for question about the database frontend Base. Using inadequate tags exposes you to the risk of not reaching the right contributors.

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Thank you,

Unfortunately cannot access anything on old PC, it has a grub message frozen into it. Cnnot get they system open at all.

Try to boot from a live-system on dvd/CD or usb-stick. I use knoppix, but there are several possibilities available. I’d use Clonezilla for a full backup to a sufficiently large usb-disk at first step.
Hint: A grub-message tells you the system got the grub-loader from the disk, so the disk is not “dead”. It only can not boot. If your drive is encrypted, be very careful with your next steps.
PS: and you could have mentioned this tiny obstacle in your question.

Copy the message here: many of us are on Linux and we can help debug this. Which distro (= Linux variant) on your old PC?

When I asked the question I did not expect to have to do the job externally. I was actually asking if there was any way to share libre office documents between devices I.e laptop, PC and phone, ad you do with other apps etc. I can open my email, line app, Facebook etc from any of my devices and thought LibreOffice could have a way of doing this also hence the reason I did not mention that small obstacle

This requires the old laptop to boot and run. When it connects to you LAN (local network), you can use a terminal to type commands to copy files and folders from one computer to the other. The common command is scp.
You can also open directly your old documents in LO by using a “technical” name instead of selecting a file from the displayed list. But, some “service” must be enabled on the old PC.
So, it boils down to make your old PC running anyway.

If you can not even boot the machine and your LO files are stored on it, how did you expect to be able to access them remotely?

None of the conditions for remote access to your files appear to be met:

  • only locally stored LO files;
  • local storage containing inoperative (non-bootable PC);
  • no networked storage of files ;
  • no server instance of an application capable of opening / editing the LO files in question.

As others have sugcested:

  • try booting a live distro from a USB key or bootable cd/dvd image and access the files from it to copy / backup to external drive ;
  • alternatively, remove the hard drive from the PC and find a suitable case to put it in that will allow you to plug it in to a USB port of your other computer.

I thought Libre Office would be like other apps, where they can be accessed from all my devices.
I can access Line, Facebook, email accounts etc on my PC, laptop, phone, so expected Libre Office to be the same.
I have someone looking at the old PC, to try to open it again, but as I said did not expect it to have to be done externally.
I will add that not everyone that uses computers are wizards, and the way you and the person who answered before you are very rude and abrupt. People come on to these forums to ask for help, not to be patronised.
Thanks you for taking the time to reply but I can confirm it has been totally unhelpful.

These services are hosted somewhere on the internet. Device applications are lightweight and access data on some remote server.

No. LO cares seriously about your privacy and stores your files on the computer disk. Your files are your own; they are not public. To a limited extent, LO can access files on some other computer, provided this other computer is running, connected on the same network (LAN), allows remote access (privacy again!) and has some protocol enabled (SSH, FTP, HTTP, …), i.e. behaves as a server.

If your old computer hardware is still in working order, the simplest method is to boot with a Linux USB key or CD/DVD as already suggested many times. You can then copy your files on a USB key and transfer them on the new computer.

Otherwise you must find a USB drive enclosure to put your old disk in it and attach the box to your new computer. But this is an operation which risks to destroy completely your old computer and you’ll lose any hope to recover your files.

I feel that your old computer can still be used. Copy the GRUB message for diagnostic. Also mention your old distro name and version. Without this minimal information, we can’t help at all.

LibreOffice is like other apps. But there are several groups of them. The traditional software on Windows may use the internet today, but don’t need them. Data is stored locally, inside the case.
One point to recognize them, is the need to install the program locally. Another is a bit pessimistic: If you never accessed data from another place consider it impossible. (Some people consider a backup worthless, as long as it is proven to restore the data correctly…) And not long ago this software was called a program…
The other group you usually access via your browser on a PC. Or you use an “app”, as they can track you better then. This kind of data is not so easily lost by failure of single devices, if you have other possibilities to access them, but if you loose access/recovery-info they may not be available to you…

A the moment, with current information nobody can help you without access to your computer. My suggestion is to seek professional or experienced help locally and will stop to waste your time.

I have someone working on my old PC, if it can be fixed, he will do it. If not he will try to remove any files etc I have on the hard drive, so that I do not lose everything.