Shared use of a calc file - how to autosave / autoupdate?


first, I posted this already approx five weeks ago in the german section. Now I’d like to give it a chance here since the count of the audience and participation is higher. Hopefully this is not seen as doublepost.

We are using an ods file shared via menu extras - table document share…
We put this file on a smb share (there is no difference in the result between a windows share or a smb share from a NAS).

Basically this works but there is a matter with the update from and to other users. My changes are only transmitted when the document is saved manually and other users will see these changes not before they saved again manually. So there is no autosave and no autoupdate and no indication on changes until manually hitting the save button. Autosave in LO Writer is set to 10 minutes but this is ignored. Is it a bug or is it intended to work this way?

Does anyone know a way to implent or activate another way for the autosave since this does not work, while the document is shared (*?


LO, Windows 10 Pro (1809)

*) Seems to not work at all.

For me the whole thing is very confusing. Online Help doesn’t mention any autosave in the sense that the file is stored on it’s original place Saving Documents Automatically. In a bug report #tdf65509I found

Function according to help (version 6.1.x): Specifies that LibreOffice saves all open documents when saving auto recovery information. Uses the same time interval as AutoRecovery does.

And “Expert Configuration” has several options (search for “autosave”), which seem to have no effect at all for my LO installation.

Thanks for pointing to that two sources. Read both and agree that the hole thing is somewhat confusing. Just went to Expert Configuration and activated autosave but as you wrote - no effect.