Sheet - Auto results for cells

I will try to explain myself with an example.

For A1 i made a list drop down menu (x,y,z). For B1 i made another list drop down menu (a,b,c).

In C1 i want them to create results that i decided. Btw there will be words in these cells. Like;

x and a = 100 or x and b = 200

You need to make available the results “…you decided” in a way assigning them unambiguously to the pairs of cell contents chosen from the DropDownLists.
If you are definitely sure that there will never be a third variable choice (DropDown or not) you can organize this in a kind of operation table.
A more general way coming, however, with some complications is to create a complete list of all the allowed pairs an to assign the “decided” result in every case. The final step can then be accomplished using VLOOKUP e.g.