Sheets not showing on spread sheets (sorted)

I have two basic spreadsheets on my computer, Mint 19, which I’ve had for sometime and contain multiple sheets, if I open one of these as a user they are only showing the last sheet, the tabs showing the sheet names at the bottom of the screen are missing, but if I open it as Root I can see all sheets, the tabs are showing at the bottom of the screen with the sheet names on them. I’m thinking that maybe this is a permissions issue but any ideas on the cause of this would be appreciated

Which LO-Version do you use? In what file format did you save the document?

Please make absolutely sure you see the same file in both cases. That each character in the path (including directories) is the same. I remember some question ~like this (in the sense that it also described things different for different users in a “same” file, to the same impossible extent), which turned out to be same-name files in two directories differing in a single digit…

Try renaming the file. If that is reflected in other users, then consider providing the file to a bug report…

Libre Office Version:, saved as ODS

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I would suspect a corrupted user profile (the one of the ordinary user) as the cause of the described experiences.
See .

I’ve book marked that for future reference, thank you. As it is it would appear that the problem has solved its self, I went into one of the spreadsheets and the tabs were back, so I checked the other one and the tabs were back in that one as well. The only thing is, when I opened the spreadsheet it asked me to recover it, I suspect that it hadn’t closed properly the last time I used it.