Sheets with content links without formula - how to clear that link?

I’m noticing something interesting - in certain cells in a spreadsheet I am maintaining, some of the cells seem to be “linked” for lack of a better term - that is, if I type any content in these sheets, that content will appear in other sheets. The closest I’ve got to cause is that I created these by breaking one sheet apart into four separate sheets. This would be easy if it were due to formulae, but there are no formulae that seem to be causing this to happen - I type ‘xxx’ in a cell on one of these sheets, and it spreads across three others without a formula such as ‘=sheet1:a1’. I’m trying to remove this, but I do not seem to be able to figure out how this happened to begin with - so I cannot figure out how to make it stop. I could use some help on this. Let me know if more data is needed.

Does the content appear in the other sheets in the same cell position? In other words, if you enter data in A1 in one sheet is it reflected in A1 in the other sheet(s)?

If so, you may have selected several sheets. With multiple sheets selected, data entered in one is reflected in the other selected sheets, without need of a formula.

That was it. I may have accidentally that option when I was looking to rename something. Thanks for that, robleyd!