Shortcut "Ctrl+Shift+;" for inserting time not working


The keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+Shift+;” for inserting current time is not working in the LibreOffice Calc Version:
Build ID: 6.4.0. Instead of inserting current time, the shortcut is inserting a colon i.e. equivalent to “Shift+;”. Note that “Ctrl+;” to insert current date is working fine.

This shortcut was working in the older versions (perhaps 5.x). I am running it on Linux 5.4.17-1. Any suggestion is highly appreciated.


Please note: Some shortcuts depend on language settings (locale) / keyboard layouts. So it is essential that you tell about your language settings and your keyboard layout. My en_US language with a german keyboard inserts time on Ctrl+Shift+; but doesn’t date on CTRL+;, because I can’t enter ; without SHIFT. Thus I need to customize my shortcut to e.g. CTRL+, (using Tools -> Custiomize -> Tab: Keyboard)

Hi @anon73440385, thanks for your reply. My system locale is ‘en_US.UTF-8’ and keyboard layout is ‘us’ i.e both are set to US English. Note that, this keyboard shortcut was working in earlier versions of calc.

I also have the systems locale of en_US.UTF-8. This definitely seems like a bug in LibreOffice Calc. When I go to Tools -> Customize -> click on the list of keybindings once and type what you’d expect to work, Ctrl + Shift + ; it shows me the keybinding Ctrl + Shift + :, which is impossible to enter on a basic QWERTY keyboard. For now I’ve also added the keybinding Insert Current Time (search for time in the Functions search box) to this keybind.